The Waldorf Conference • A Play

Production Inquiries:

"The Waldorf Conference" by Nat Segaloff, Daniel M. Kimmel & Arnie Reisman is available for license as a staged play or live reading. Please send all inquiries in writing (stating location and size of theatre; Equity and IATSE status; ticket scale; public or private group, etc.) to:

Nat Segaloff
P.O. Box 480277
Los Angeles CA 90048

The film and television rights are currently held by Warner Bros.

Production History:

"The Waldorf Conference" premiered October 27, 1993 as a presentation of LA Theatre Works and was broadcast live over KCRW-FM. It was produced by Susan Albert Loewenberg and directed by John de Lancie with this cast:

Edward Asner as Louis B. Mayer
Shelley Berman as Samuel Goldwyn
Charles Durning as James F. Byrnes
David Ellenstein as William Goetz
John Kapelos as Spyros Skouras
Bill Macy as Barney Balaban
Richard Masur as Mendel Silberberg
George Murdock as Nicholas Schenck
John Randolph as Harry Cohn
Ron Rifkin as Dore Schary
William Schallert as Albert Warner
John Schuck as Eric Johnston.

On November 24, 2003 the play was presented at the WGA Theatre in Beverly Hills as a benefit for the Hollywood ACLU and the Writers Guild Foundation. Nat Segaloff produced and John de Lancie directed with the following cast:

Edward Asner as Louis B. Mayer
James Cromwell as James F. Byrnes
John de Lancie as Eric Johnston
Harlan Ellison as Barney Balaban
Michael Laskin as Mendel Silberberg
Paul Mazursky as Samuel Goldwyn
Kenny Morse as Spyros Skouras
Ethan Phillips as Harry Cohn
Robert Picardo as Dore Schary
Lawrence Pressman as Albert Warner
Jacob Snyder as William Goetz
Alan Toy as Nicholas Schenck